February 06
5 Tips for Moving in Winter

5 Tips for Moving in Winter

We all wonder about moving in winter. Will it storm? Will the movers show up? What should I do to prepare? We will endeavour to give you five tips for moving in winter. The whole idea is to be very prepared for any Toronto movers you may be using. Movers expect you to be fully ready whether it's snow and ice removal or having light and heat. Your doors will be always open so when your moving electrical costs should not be an issue to keep the movers warm and your home well lit.

Moving in winter is not a great time so you have to be aware of all issues that may occur. If the weather is bad plan a route for you mover or at least a suggestion and take good care of your movers. You may experience delays and you must plan for this. If you have moved out but you can't move into your new home plan for other accommodation. Always have a first aid kit ready, a radio and a fully charged cell phone and snacks. Your car is an important aspect of your move. Be sure it is full of fuel and operational. Making checks through out the day on weather changes is extremely important and to have friends at your new address to make sure all is prepared. The following are important five tips for moving in winter:


Make sure your new home is ready for you on your moving day and that everything is functioning properly. Light and heat are a priority at both locations to aid in having a proper move.


Make sure all walkways and drives are cleared of snow and ice. Salting is very important because of ice buildup. You don't want the movers to slip and fall with your contents. Make sure that your neighbours know your moving at both locations and that a moving van is coming.


It is advisable that you have hot drinks for the movers such as coffee or hot chocolate on hand as well as snacks and bottled water. This gesture will be readily accepted by your movers on those hard winter days.


Allow the movers to plastic wrap your furniture preventing salt and moisture from damaging your furniture. This will give you peace of mind knowing that salt and moisture will not gain entry to your contents and will arrive with out damage.


If a storm is arriving on your moving day or the night before, you may have to come up with another plan or rethink your move if the storm is serious. Check to see if you can move into your new home earlier or maybe later. Check with your movers to see if they will come or what alternative ideas they may have. It's just Mother Nature and we have to plan for her.

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