November 27
Blaming The Movers

Blaming The Movers

Lets look at the concept of "Blaming The Movers." Although you may think I'm prejudice but I will try to be objective with you. You have heard all the comments
such as movers are careless, movers are too slow, movers are always late or movers are thieves. Lets look at the above starting with the most important, but there are more.

Movers are strangers in your home and as in most moving contracts, movers are not responsible for loss of cash or valuables. Its the clients job to make sure these things are not laying around, left in drawers, packed in containers or left on kitchen counters. Anything can be misplaced or forgotten during a move and you don't want to blame the movers because they may be blameless. Be careful who you want to blame for carelessness or forgetfulness.
If you lock your doors at night or during the day then take care of your valuables yourself and remember, your doors are open when moving to anyone.

If you find when moving that your movers are careless in your opinion then you didn't do your research. Average price for a good mover is between $100.00 and $125.00 per hour depending on whats needed. Less then that, you may get a bad result. Lateness for movers is acceptable within 20 minutes especially when dealing with todays traffic. It never use to be that way but it is today! Slow is a matter of opinion. Do you want your goods to be handled properly and wrapped? If not, then you should have considered moving on your own. The mover is responsible for how your goods are handled, cared for and the condition they arrive in.

Do your research, look at Homestars reviews on line and then hopefully you'll make the right decision for a mover.

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