November 27
Boxes Or Plastic

Boxes Or Plastic

When one of our customers started planning their move from a three bedroom house to a downtown condo in Toronto, they reviewed many Toronto Moving Companies before deciding. They made the decision to pack their own contents. They didn't like the prospect of trying to find boxes or containers for their belongings and therefore asked for our advice.

Most of their friends suggested grocery store boxes but we explained that they would crush. We also mentioned that uneven sizes are harder to pack in a truck and takes longer to load. Renting plastic totes is the better option for moving and is cost effective and eco- friendly. Business has been using plastic totes for years and now they are becoming more important for residential moves. They are a sanitized clean method of packing and you can rent by the week. Most providers offer free pick up and delivery. The method of using plastic is efficient and allows you to pack many things including shoe boxes, CD's and small appliances but the totes should never weigh more than 40 to 45 lbs each. Overweight will slow down your move and run in to more time. We feel this is the best method to pack and to be prepared for moving companies.

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