March 08
Diamonds Are Forever And Artwork?

Diamonds Are Forever And Artwork?

How would you like as a mover to walk into a home to pack up a customer who has all their jewellery spread all over a bedroom. This is very silly especially when you not alone but have other contractors working in the house.

In all movers contracts there is a term that they are not responsible for jewellery, cash or other such valuables. Who would want to be maybe blamed for something missing or just misplaced or stuck in a bed sheet? No one! You must take these items with you in your car, not with the mover. If you want the mover to be responsible, there must be an inventory of all items and signed for by the mover.

The same idea goes for art of extreme value. It has to be created and insured either by the mover or your own insurance company. We visited a home where the owners quoted prices on artwork of $50,000 to $200,000. They said just wrap them in moving pads or blankets; absolutely not! If a customer doesn’t care about their valuables, it’s a problem waiting to happen. If you value your belongings don’t be careless. Take the right steps to ensure a safe move.

We once had a customer who said she lost her diamond ring. Later, the husband said he found it in the bathroom and put it in his shaving kit. We had another customer who was missing $400.00. Again it was the husband who took the money and of course the wife was furious. Don’t be these people! Always know where everything is and what’s happening around you.

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