December 06
Emails And Moving

Emails And Moving

Making a reservation via email with a mover is like buying a car by telephone without reading the service contract or the warranty. In other words, it’s not the smart thing to do. You need to speak to a real voice about your move, so that you can talk about any concerns you may have and the logistics of your move, such as addressing hallways, stairs, elevators, driveways, street parking, etc. In the moving industry, emails are great for confirmations and appointments but not for a true estimate of costs. You can’t take into account all the variables involved with a move through an email.

Emails and text messaging have been made too much of; they’re great for telling people if you’re late for an appointment and caught up at the airport but not for getting an estimate for a move. When you shop for a good mover via email, the estimate can never be correct. The mind is not a perfect thing; you have to visit the customer or speak with them and ask questions if you’re a mover. When you do that, there are no surprises and everyone is reading from the same page. Plus, if you’re a customer, you get a copy of the contract personally.

Who’s cheap, cheapest or a cheepo isn’t the answer to a safe and reliable move. Don’t bet on what’s ridiculous or too good to be true! You get what you pay for. If you can only afford the dollar store then take the chance, otherwise go with a homesense.

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