May 03
Hoarders And Not Prepared

Hoarders And Not Prepared

When a mover arrives on your reserved day, they expect you to be ready and packed. I don’t think this is too much to ask you! If movers have to step over goods and parcels, your move will be longer and if they have to empty cabinets or take them apart, again your move will be longer. Never try to estimate your own move, you’re not the professional and you may not like the result.
Logistics enters with every move. If you have a long hallway more than 20-feet to the elevators for example, it does take more time. This is a no brainer. Never lie to the mover if you decline a home visit! Tell them exactly what’s to be moved.

An example of the above is a person who had been moving themselves with a bundle buggy when they decided at the last minute they wanted a mover but only wanted some things moved. Some things turned out to be more things not prepared or packed properly. Because it was last minute, we could only give them four hours on a Sunday afternoon. Their demanding attitude was offensive, especially when they said the owner smelled and asked the workers if he treated them well! They had glassware packed with tea towels or boxes with no tops and not wrapped. One cabinet was filled with records and tons of stuff under a bed they wanted moved with no apology. Need I say more?

We asked when reserving if they had mattress bags. They said no, we should just use their sheets. Our inventory of these items was out at that time and we were preparing to close for the holiday season for 2 weeks.

Let me say without further ado, this apartment was a mess, although they thought it to be normal. It was wet and cold and the men asked if they wanted the sofa set shrink-wrapped but no was the answer. In the end, they said we didn’t ask. The hallway was at least a 50-foot walk and they wanted to hurry. We gave them an extra hour even though it was to be only 4 hours. Try carrying bits and pieces down a 50-foot hallway to an elevator and then out to a truck with unpacked goods. In the end, they tipped the men and with the same breath complained about smudge marks or dirt on their sofa and that it took too long. Go figure!

Naturally it’s the movers’ fault always and usually this comes from folks with unrealistic expectations or looking for something for nothing. If you don’t like the results, why tip? Instead of complaining they should have been grateful that anything got moved from that horrible environment. When we arrived and could see their apartment, we gave them a limited liability contract only, thank goodness!

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