March 08
How Do I Know?

How Do I Know?

How do you choose a good reliable mover? Well for one, stop thinking about the word cheap or considering rates that are to anyone absurd. Remember, the average rate 45 years ago was 18-20 per hour so use your intelligence.

Rates starting at $85 to $95 per hour and up are signs of a genuine reliable mover. Prices depend on the size of your move, trucks, the number of personnel and the logistics of your locations. What sounds cheap isn’t necessarily cheap. You get what you are willing to pay for. Some movers have specials and you should enquire about these. Movers must print all the terms of your move on a contract to avoid problems and to know what your getting have a home visit. Ask the mover for an email confirmation of your estimate. A good mover will try to do his best to give you the above. Look for comments online for more info and to

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The philosophy of our Toronto moving company is built around providing a quality service that is value for money – that means the best employees – this is a business of service, combined with our aim to be the best and most reliable Toronto Moving company. By being a moving company in Toronto we believe we offer a superior level of customer service not experienced with other companies.