September 09
Insurance and Liability

Insurance and Liability

Many customers ask us about liability insurance or what the mover is responsible for in case of damage. Let me say that negligence when moving between the truck and the residence is always the mover's responsibility but there are exceptions such as snow-covered walkways and other such obstructions. There are always exceptions to the rule. The mover must have free and easy access and there is no responsibility on the part of the mover if you have not packed or haven't packed properly.

I'm not speaking about insuring cross-country moves; I'm speaking of just local and Ontario. The mover upon arrival will determine your readiness and what he's responsible for and what's not covered. There is no such thing as blank coverage for everything and every contract with various movers states this fact or should do so to save misunderstandings.

If you're a tenant or a home owner, you already have insurance. You just have to speak to your broker before your move and in most cases, you will be covered. I bet you didn't know that! Most movers sell insurance per thousand and the price varies on items you want insured by the mover. There is also in most cases a deductible. Some items, such as fine art or items of extraordinary value, are usually the responsibility of of your insurance company. What you personally pack in a box is also your responsibility. Again I would say there are exceptions to responsibility. A $20,000 sofa is certainly classed as an item of extraordinary value for example. This item would usually be your own insurance company's responsibility.

In-transit insurance with a mover means simply what occurs with or in the truck. Most movers have this type of insurance, which is certainly important with long hauls. Moving insurance is costly these days because of fraudulent claims by folks who are looking for something for free.  As far as a replacement insurance with a mover, some offer it and some don't. Measure this type of insurance by what you're paying per hour. In most cases, it's too good to be true and you will pay extra.

I hope this basic explanation of insurance helps you. Just remember, the mover's responsibility is limited according to the circumstances of the move and whether the mover is no frills or higher end.

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