October 20
Moving Stories

Moving Stories

Looking back over the last 30 years of my career in moving, there is one story that immediately springs to mind when it comes to challenging moves.
Our client was a gentleman who was moving from Toronto to Wasaga Beach, Ontario. He had a lot of stuff to move and he told us that his new home was a house down by the river. That was all the information that he gave us. In Toronto, the loading up of his possessions went according to plan and the three men who were on the job left for the destination site on schedule.

When they arrived and finally found the site they were shocked.

The map didn’t show any hills or contours, of which there were many. In order to unload the truck, the men had to park on a dirt road and walk over hills to get to this house down by the river. During the unload process, one man fell into a small hole in the hill and hurt his leg; as far as moving went, he was finished. The moving team was down to two men. It took many hours to do the work, during which time one man was attacked by wasps and everyone eaten alive by mosquitoes.

The move continued on into the night. The injured mover sat by the river with his leg in the water, while his two companions carried on without him. To top it off, there was no cell contact. The man who was attacked by wasps bathed his stings with salt water. At midnight the move was over. The customer apologised for not mentioning the hills and was pleased with the move. If I had known the situation fully, it would have been five men to unload. In the moving business, you never know what’s hiding around the corner. This was in 1994, some things you don’t forget.

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