January 20
Unrealistic Expectations

Unrealistic Expectations

What would you think if I lowered your 450lb armoire 35 feet from the top of your house without damage? I’m sure you would think that’s great and be very thankful!

If the rest of your move was damage free with your goods, would that not be a good thing? Would you try to tell the movers it should come down the stairs instead and insist they keep trying? If a small hole occurred in the wall because of your insistence, would you blame the movers? If fingerprints were found on your wall because of the movers bracing themselves, would you have a hissy fit? I don’t think so!

If the movers repaired the small hole and went out of their way to please you, would you not be satisfied? Would you criticize the movers on your iPhone to all your friends because it’s such an emotional experience and then hold your hand over your mouth and hide so you don’t have to look?

I wouldn’t expect these reactions from anybody, but then… Man up! Some people have expectations that are over the top or over the top of something usually due to their emotional makeup. How should movers react to this type of situation? They should refuse the job, which is their right, and leave the moving site.

Unfortunately, we did not!

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