May 03
Who’s Perspective?

Who’s Perspective?

Moving your home is always difficult for the owner and keeping the correct perspective is ultimate o the list of the person being moved. Lose your perspective on the move and you’ve lost the day. It’s ion a way like a battle, which you can’t afford to lose.
In the beginning you have the shock troops coming in or the appraisers. We all have a tendency to appraise our own moves on readiness, time, the number of men, logistics and truck size. When the move is appraised, it can be a shock in differences between your own appraisal and a professional one. If the appraisal is low in price, it usually is too low. It’s not a good average to take the lowest price unless it’s guaranteed on your invoice to not rise above 10% before tax. Many movers will hesitate in doing this and the guarantee is based on certain conditions, such as readiness and logistics.

On moving day, your perspective should be that you’ve done what your mover has asked of you and you’re ready. This is the mover you chose. Your battle plan should adhere to the one decided on by you and your appraiser. If you didn’t adhere to this plan then all costs and problems that may occur are all on you and your appraisal is not valid, so follow the plan agreed on.

Keep your perspective on moving day when the front line troops arrive, your movers. Everything will go well to have a win, win move if your perspective is a good one during the move, tempered with understanding and give and take. You then have won the day!

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