As anyone who has used Toronto Moving Companies before can tell you, things are easy to lose and forgotten when you are relocating. A myriad of treasured items can be left behind after a local furniture removal. In order to prepare and protect your sanity and possessions for the future, use the following advice to make sure that nothing of value—be it monetary or sentimental—is forgotten. Moving will be stress free and personable with us.

1. Pack a survival bag for moving day

2. Talk to your children about your move

3. Make sure your pets are comfortable

4. Get your new home ready for your move in

5. Change all locks on all doors in your new home

6. Measure your moving access

7. Notify all services and utilities of your move

8. Collect your important records

9. Transfer prescriptions

10. Change your address so you may receive mail and new home contacts

11. You should consider donating plants rather than moving them

12. Movers do not move chemicals or flammable goods

13. Label your box’s fragile for fragile goods and label your boxes where they are going in your new home.

14. Do a survival kit for your first day move in When you move in, prepare your bedroom first. You will be happy you did.

15. Ask the mover when in doubt about preparations.

16. Wrap all glass and art work with bubble pack

17. Prepare your pets for the move before the mover arrives.

18. Children need special considerations. Let them be part of the move by helping and give them time to adjust to the idea of moving by talking about it, your positive attitude will make it easier for them An attitude of “Let’s Get a Move on” will make it an adventure for everyone.

“Remember your moving survival kit” Which should include water, aspirin, band-aids, check book, credit cards, flashlight, games for the kids, keys, paper plates and cups with utensils, paper towels, pliers, screwdriver, wrench, soap, toilet tissue, travel clock, washcloths and toothbrushes .