Antiques Movers

It is a complicated and important operation to move antiques of great or sentimental value including art, sculptures or other precious items. we have an individual appraiser who's specialty is antiques including European and English antiques and work of art. We do not appraise for value. This would be your insurance company. Customers usually have antiques of extraordinary value covered by their own insurance company.

Good Toronto antiques' moving companies must consider finishes for example. Dryness will cause Antique furniture to dry out and cause it to become loose and a finish to dry out. This is especially true of French furniture such as Louis xv or Louis xvi furniture, country french and Art Deco pieces. English furniture has a tendency to warp and legs become loose.

It requires precision and above all great care in preparing and wrapping these items. Antique porcelain and pottery must be prepared with large bubble pack as with sculptures. The skills necessary to be recognized as an outstanding professional in this area can take many years to master. Our antiques appraiser is a member of an American Association of appraisers.

The Art of Moving Antiques by this Toronto Moving Service of any sort or kind is a complicated and important operation. Whether moving antiques of great or sentimental value, paintings, sculptures, antique furniture, or porcelain sets,we have the knowledge and skills necessary to be recognized as an outstanding antiques Toronto Moving Service. This can take many years to master as a moving professional. Antiques need to be packed and handled differently but with the same care as we would with all your possessions. Your move will be safe with our experienced and trained staff, our specialized equipment, packaging materials and air ride trucks.

When we visit your home, we look for the condition of the pieces being moved such as lifting veneers, loose joints, misfitting drawers and lifting inlays. These pieces need extra special care and packaging in order to move them safely. Sculptures depending on size may need specialized crating such as Porcelain, Bronze or Metal. Paintings would need special picture boxes and bubble pack to protect the canvas, frames or any glass fronts, If we would need to pack antique crystal and porcelain, we use acid free tissue and polystyrene foam chips.

We understand how important it is that your antiques and fine art receive a smooth and seamless process and it will be by this Toronto Moving Service. This company always guarantee's that your valuable belongings receive the attention they deserve.

When you hire the best antiques movers and fine arts movers in Toronto, you're hiring the best of Toronto antique movers.