Packing Services

Moving your home has never been easier with our premium Toronto Moving service in home packing. We understand how important your time is and we understand that moving and packing is stressful. We are here to alleviate that stress for you. The last thing you would want to do with your time is pack boxes or plastic containers. This Toronto Moving Service does all the planning for you for you down to the last detail. We put packaging and packing on a whole new level with many choices of packaging materials. Our in home packing service is seemless with this affordable in home moving service.

1 A trained appraiser will visit your home.

2 A plan is organized to include every item that you want us to pack for you.

3 Movers will not pack valuables such as money or jewellery. These items are for you to take on your own. Please remove these items before packing day.

4 We will put aside and pack first night essentials in an appropriately marked container.

5 We arrange all packaging material that's needed including free appraisal and free delivery within the GTA area.

6 We use special protective coverings and polystyrene foam chips for box or plastic containers and acid free tissue if required as well as bubble pack.

7 All cartons or containers are labelled with detailed contents and who packed the container. It is also noted from what room or area the container originated.

We understand how important your time is and we understand that moving is a big job and the last thing you would want to do on a weekend is pack and unpack boxes or containers. Our packing service means there is no need to worry about making a moving checklist because all the work has been done for you. Other Toronto movers do not take home packing, as we do, to a whole new level with many choices of packing materials including cube boxes, painting and mirror boxes and various choices of wardrobe boxes.

When doing in home packing one has to consider the proper wrap whether it be foam, paper, bubble pack or foam peanuts. Professional choices have to be made in order to have a safe move without breakage. We also use plastic containers for home contents. Choosing the proper container whether it be plastic or cardboard is extremely important.

While this Toronto mover is packing your home, our workers will also be padding and shrink wrapping your furnishings. This is a real necessity today, furniture can be susceptible to scratches and dents and must be protected with moving blankets or pads plus plastic wrap. Upholstered furniture must also be shrink wrapped to protect your material from damage and dirt as well as mattress's and box springs should be put in mattress covers. This Toronto moving company also will pack your garments in wardrobes to insure your personal outer ware arrives in good condition. Our home appraiser will list all that needs packing to insure you will have only the best home packing service and better then any other service offered by Toronto moving companies.