When looking to move a home or office there are usually many questions the home owner or executive may have. Moving can be one of the most stressful endeavors that you will ever do and with so many Toronto movers to choose from, the process can be daunting. Our Toronto moving companies' services makes the moving process stress free. When you contact us for an estimate or to introduce yourself and to speak about pricing, we guarantee our quotes according to your submission of contents and your particular needs. All new customers have questions of a moving service in regards to the moving process.

The following are some of the most common questions asked of movers Toronto:

The charges per hour depend on your location and destination, the logistics of your locations, the number of moving personnel required, the trucks required, the needs of your particular move and if you require packing of your contents.

We are an insured moving company and offer free negligence insurance and also insurance that a customer can purchase for particular items. One thing most customers are not aware of is that your own home insurance upon notification in advance will cover your move which gives that added feeling of comfort.

We will visit your home upon request however some customers do not require a home visit because of the amount and types of goods being moved. It depends on the request and requirements of the customer but houses and long distance moves as a Toronto moving company we do have to visit and appraise.

Yes we do and with every move we offer a free customer representative present at your move. You will receive only the best in a moving experience. Our reputation and our excellent service is of the upper-most importance to us.

The customer representative present at your move will receive your claim in writing and attempt to mitigate any problem to your satisfaction but we can say, we are a claims free mover.

The earlier the better for two major reasons and they are the following. If you need a particular date or time, reserving early will give you an advantage. The second reason is that we offer thirty day advance discounts.