May 03
Shopping For Price

Shopping For Price

This is not your best “move”! Sometimes a price just sounds too good to be true and it usually is. The devil is in the details. Ask yourself do you want a “no frills” move or do you want a good secure move and are willing to pay. After all, how many times in your life will you move? Asking a million movers what the price is per hour is just pure confusion. Not all movers are the same nor do they offer the same service. Some are insured, some lie and some just aren’t insured. Some are just people splitting the  money and not a real business. Some show up for your move and some don’t.
Don’t just shop for price. Ask about services, guarantees and history. The average price to look for is $85/95 per hour and up depending on your move. Remember you only get what you pay for and to get what your paying for ask questions to the mover before reserving or get a home visit followed by a written estimate.

About The Best Toronto Moving Company

The philosophy of our Toronto moving company is built around providing a quality service that is value for money – that means the best employees – this is a business of service, combined with our aim to be the best and most reliable Toronto Moving company. By being a moving company in Toronto we believe we offer a superior level of customer service not experienced with other companies.