September 27
Un-cluttering your home before moving

Un-cluttering your home before moving

Un-cluttering your home before moving can be daunting. Why move household items you'll never use in your new home? Moving Companies expect a sense of organization from their clients. This means in terms of being a customer that they should un-clutter their home of non-essential items enabling their move to be more efficient and less costly.

How many times have we thought about the amount of accumulation we have? That word accumulation represents to us our character who we are and in some circumstances who we were. In boxes are our lives represented by things but when moving we have to make the hard and maybe even brutal decisions of what to discard and memories we want to preserve.

It's always a surprise for this Toronto Mover upon doing a home estimation visit to discuss with the customer what's not going on the move, just to find out on moving day that the items discussed that were not going are now going. This means now of course that the original home estimate is no longer valid and this completely defeats the purpose of a home visit.

When trying to downsize consider getting rid of chipped dish's and glassware or sets of dish's you'll never use. In the kitchen discard old pots and pans, baking pans and roasting pots. Take only one set of matching knives and forks and discard the rest or buy new for basic kitchen essentials. Go through the bedrooms discarding old clothes and other non-essential items and furniture. The same goes for the living room, dinning room and basement. Take command of your life and your possessions. You make the rules not your possessions. Make a plan for your new home for placement of furnishings that will fit and leave you space. The alternative is too much to even consider.

There are many charities that will accept clothing, toys, furniture, dishware and some will pick up also. There are movers that will help you with these decisions especially highly rated Homestars Movers. Another alternative is to have a garage sale of unwanted items if possiable and you can always post adds in grocery stores and on other bulletin boards online. Ask relatives if they could use some of your unwanted items. If you work hard at un-cluttering you will be able to look at your new home with a fresh perspective.

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