March 12
Movers Toronto

Movers Toronto

Some Toronto Movers will speak about what's great about themselves but sometimes it turns out to be not so great in the end. Being that we have been in the moving business for over 35 years, we keep our obligations to our customers.

Movers Toronto is a categorical subject that many people talk about and discuss on line and on various forums. Everyone who is moving would like to know how to find a good mover and then how do you know they are trustworthy? Another question often asked is, do they keep their contractual obligations? Movers must keep to their contractual outline of services offered. In the Toronto area it can be daunting to find the right service because of the many advertised movers and the various rates, services and standards.

Written in a Toronto newspaper some years back in an article about moving by a movers association, they stated that an average moving rate for an established moving company is 125.00 dollars per hour with three men and this was acceptable. I'm sure that the budget conscious shoppers would look for less but when one knows that the average rate for moving  with two men in the 1950's was 19.00 to 20.00 dollars per hour,  it all makes sense because that was over 50 years ago. A proactive consumer would have to ask, what am I getting for let's say less then 95.00 or 100.00 dollars per hour? Consumers looking to purchase for less are usually giving up standards, safety and services!

Goverment standards for moving are almost non-existent and so are any rules or guidelines that could help consumers except for one. The only rule that applies is the 10% rule in which consumer affairs states that a written estimate cannot rise above 10% of the estimated costs printed on a contract signed by the customer and the service provider unless permitted by the customer and the terms of service have been met by both customer and provider in the case of moving. Don't ever assume contractual obligations exist if they are not printed or written on a contract. Services vary on most mover's contracts but if they are listed on your printed contract, they must be adhered to including the mover's own rules of service. The contract must be a printed form not written on a piece of paper or a generic form from a stationary store. Costs and details must be added pertaining to your particular move in order to be protected.

Moving Toronto is a term that includes a lot of research and searching for good reviews on line. Feel comfortable with your choice of mover and do the work and research necessary to have a good and safe move. If you have questions concerning the mover's contract always ask for verification. Never leave a question you may have unanswered. All questions are answerable and relate to your expections of your move.

About The Best Toronto Moving Company

The philosophy of our Toronto moving company is built around providing a quality service that is value for money – that means the best employees – this is a business of service, combined with our aim to be the best and most reliable Toronto Moving company. By being a moving company in Toronto we believe we offer a superior level of customer service not experienced with other companies.