September 07
Moving In Today's World

Moving In Today's World

Contrary to what some folks think, not all movers are treated equally. The average moving rate in 1959 was between $16.00 and $19.00 an hour with two men. That was over 50 years ago. A lot has changed in the moving industry since then, especially price and types of service.

Some of us look for the cheapest option available. If you're using this as an indicator, you're gambling with service and responsibility. Unfortunately, if you have a limited income, then your choices are more limited.

However, if you're able to afford it, look for a mover that has a good running history. No one is perfect and everything doesn't always go well 100% of the time but 95% is a good running average in the industry. Go online and research the mover you're thinking of using. Do not choose a mover because of a difference in price of $10.00 more or less an hour. You should be asking the mover about what they are offering in terms of service and why should I choose you as my mover. Reading their website is important.

Customer service and responsibility  are the keywords in looking for a moving company as well as recommendations and testimonials. We've all heard the good and bad stories about movers. It's a de-regulated business and nowadays anyone can say they are a mover. There's good and bad, the same as there are good and bad customers. When I say bad customers, I'm referring to the ones that are looking for a free move or money under fraudulent circumstances. For no valid reason, they'll sometimes try to get something for nothing from some movers. That's the other side of the page. Movers should validate the customer as would someone looking for a moving company. Look at the move and then if you're not sure, look at it just before the move again. It's worth the investment in time.

I mentioned pricing earlier and picking movers based on price is not a good idea; going with a reasonable and professional mover is the answer. So what is reasonable and professional?

All legitimate moving companies have business costs as compared to someone posting his name on a tree. There are labour costs, transportation costs, office costs, taxes to pay and it goes on and on for a listed business. The business' are listed with How long the business has been established is a question you should ask! Although some moving companies are listed with various organizations, that's not a guarantee that you are getting a good mover. It's the staff they send to you not the company itself. It's like going to a department store to buy a shirt but there is no staff to help you; a big company but poor staffing. It's the same idea. As far as reasonable pricing goes, the average moving rate is $85.00 to $125.00 per hour depending on what you're moving, the number of men, origin and destination. There are industry averages to go by. Never choose a mover for less because you'll end up getting "a lot less" and "lots of stress". For example, always ask yourself the question: how can a mover charge a cheap price - let's say, $62.00 per hour - and still pay taxes, wages and insurance. They can't! They could never be responsible for what they move based upon that kind of price! Something is missing. In short, do your research, ask questions, get an email confirmation of your estimate if it's by phone or request a visit if it's a house or large move. Always speak personally to the company about your move and trust the rest to your research or the conversation with your mover. Remember, get it in writing!

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